Advancing Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Retrofits

The Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) was a multidisciplinary collaboration of universities, private sector technology companies, and economic development agencies formed to focus on developing solutions to address the energy efficiency retrofit challenges in the small- and medium-sized commercial building (SMSCB) market. This market accounts for 99% of all existing commercial buildings and approximately half of commercial building energy use. CBEI was in place from 2011 – 2016. Research results are documented on this site.


News, Research and Publications

GPIC Proposal Application

The goals of the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC) for Energy Efficient Buildings are to improve energy efficiency and operability and reduce carbon emissions of new and existing buildings, focusing on full spectrum retrofit of existing average-size commercial and multi-family residential buildings, and to stimulate private investment and quality job creation in the Greater Philadelphia region and the larger Mid Atlantic region, and beyond.


Performance Modeling of Daylight Integrated Photosensor Controlled Lighting Systems

Enhancements to the open-source Daysim daylight analysis software that permit users to model a photosensor control system as it will perform in a real space, considering the directional sensitivity of the photosensor, its mounting position, the space and daylight aperture geometry, window shading configuration; the electric lighting equipment and control zones; exterior obstructions; and site weather conditions.


Building 661 Retrofit Upgrade

An early presentation of the goals for the Building 661 retrofit into the CBEI headquarters.


Policy and Process Factors Impacting Commercial Building Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

This study identified the most significant policy and legal-related process factors effecting energy efficiency in commercial buildings in the Greater Philadelphia area.


The CBEI Partnership

Developing integrated and simple solutions for this market requires a diverse set of capabilities and engagement with a diverse set of stakeholders in the market. The CBEI partnership was developed to identify the most significant gaps in this market, develop solutions in a regional setting, and work with market partners to push these solutions out nationally.