Brief: Building Energy Efficiency Rating and Data Disclosure

Publication Title: Brief: Building Energy Efficiency Rating and Data Disclosure

Consortium Member(s): The Pennsylvania State University, University of Pennsylvania

Project Contact: CBEI

Date: April 30, 2012

"The purpose of building energy efficiency rating and data disclosure is to increase demand for energy efficient buildings among owners and tenants, therefore creating increased incentive for investment in building energy efficiency. While the specifics of disclosure laws vary, by making information about building energy use more available, consumers will be more informed about the true cost of owning or operating a building. For the first time, the true energy cost will be valued appropriately thereby creating a rationale for investment. In addition, disclosure laws compel many building owners who don’t currently understand their building energy use to track it. Becoming educated about their building’s energy use allows building owners to make informed decisions about how to improve their building’s energy performance. Unlocking the economic potential of Greater Philadelphia’s commercial building stock could create significant investment and job creation activity in the region."